Divine Float Spa Services

Float Therapy

You’ll float without effort, in water saturated with 1000 lbs of Epsom salt, heated to skin temperature. Gravity and tension disappear, allowing you to let go beyond relaxation to a blissful state!

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Red Light Therapy

Enjoy our FDA approved Class II red light therapy which boosts collagen production and aids skin conditions.

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Infrared Sauna

Infrared light heats from the inside out, working at a deeper level in your body leaving you feeling light and vitalized while purifying your body, boosting energy and feeling refreshed!

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Halo Therapy

Improve wellness with dry salt diffuser therapy known for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties to aid in respiratory & skin health.

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Massage Therapy

Release tension and nurture your body! Our Licensed massage therapist provide an effective massage therapy catered to your specific needs and wellbeing.

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Facials & Skin treaments

Facials and skin treatments are great ways to achieve a clear, well-hydrated, youthful appearance

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